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Why do we collect the user's data?

https://dlfcityfloors.in/ is a real estate information-providing platform. So, in order to provide you with much-needed information as well as services, we collect data from the users. This data helps us to:

  • Find out the most accurate and significant information so that we can customize our services based on the interests of users;
  • Let you stay in touch with us over the Internet and keep you informed about the latest information about DLF City Floors;
  • Find the right platform for you to buy, sell, rent, or make a relevant search about the real estate market you are interested in;

By compiling this privacy policy, our ultimate aim is to put everything transparent in front of our customers, so that they do not have to worry about anything later on.

How do we collect information?

These days, every online service provider collects some information from users through different means. Our website uses online technologies like web beacons, cookies, log data, and other analytics services for the purpose of collection of data. By using these data collection technologies, we aim to get familiar with the choices of the users. Based on this, we show them similar ads and try to provide them with an improved experience on our website.

Log data: the information collected through log data includes the IP addresses of the visitors, type of the web browser they use for web surfing, information about the operating system, location of the visitors, device-related information, etc.

Cookies: our website https://dlfcityfloors.in/, uses cookies for the purpose of collecting some information from the users. These are tiny files that we may send to your PC in order to understand what you and other users are looking for. However, if you do not want us to send you cookies, you can opt out of it by making the necessary changes to your device's settings.

Third-party information collection: at our own discretion, we may sometimes take help from third-party service providers so that we can fulfill your demands in no time. Also, this allows us to serve you better in your future requests for services.

Location data: when we ask the users to share their residential or correspondence address, then we may store this information. This helps us in offering you the relevant marketing material and other necessary details about DLF City Floors.

Information about Mortgage Services

If you request any kind of mortgage quote from our platform, it would mean that you acknowledge the fact that we can share your PII with the actual service providers. However, they'll be allowed to use your information only for the specified purpose and not otherwise.

General information

Data confidentiality: we are completely liable for maintaining the privacy of users' data. Thus, we only share your information with trustworthy partners. However, if you register yourself on our platform, we recommend you create a strong password.

Links to third-party websites: on our website, you may come across links to third-party websites that may take you to another website. But, we shall not be held liable if they misuse the data shared by you.

Sale/Merger: The user's personal information is subject to be disclosed at the time of any kind of merger taking place through our website.

Security: we use reliable security measures in order to protect the data shared by the users on our platform. When you share any financial or sensitive information with us, we use strict encryption methods so that your sensitive data is not compromised at any level.

Changes to Privacy Policy

with respect to the changes in information regarding DLF City Floors, we may update the information available here as well. You may not be personally notified about these changes. Thus, you should always check the date of the 'Privacy Policy' update before you proceed further in the process of seeking our services.

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