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Nowadays in the market, every real estate partner is promising to provide a dream home location for the home investment. But it is not as easy as anyone is promising you, before investing in your dream home there are thousands of factors that matter a lot like as, the location providing public transport connectivity, what kind of residence is around the location, etc.

If you are thinking about how to check everything about a floor and its facilities then don’t worry about it. I am here will help you get rid of this riddle and choose one of the best places for your dream home investment. Today we are discussing DLF Alameda Floors which is famous for its airy space and luxurious apartment.


Why DLF Alameda?

DLF Alameda is offering one of the best-gated community residences for homeowners. DLF Alameda was designed wisely where you will get a 400 to 1000 sq. yard plot easily at an affordable price. Here you will get easy connectivity with schools, shopping malls, and Hospitals, and the best thing is the Indira Gandhi International Airport is just a short drive from the DLF Alameda Floors which provides a huge benefit for every homeowner.

The project offers a wide variety of housing societies including DLF apartments, Independent Floors, and villas. It also offers a different range of budgets so that every home buyer can get their perfect one. DLF Alameda's independent floors offer an ideal life that helps you connect with your family and your routes. One of the big benefits of the DLF Alameda Floors is that it is present beside National Highway 48 which help homeowners to go anywhere without any traffic problem. The Place is organized wisely and meets every aspect of home buyers.

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Dlf alameda floors price and plan

Dlf Alameda floors' price starts from 1.66 crore to 5.02 crore, in which you will get different types of plot sizes. The project is spread over 124 acres of area which offers crowd-free places for everyone. DLF Alameda is offering 3BHK apartments for just 2.61 crores and it is ready-to-move apartments with all kinds of modern facilities like a park, swimming pool, Gym, Children's play area, car parking, and many more. On the other hand, you can get a 5BHK independent floor in the range of 4.92 crore

In Dlf Alameda floor plan offers an 8BHk villa in just rupees 6 crore for home buyers and you can also download the Dlf Alameda brochure to know more about the floor price and floor plan. You can easily download the brochure from the official website of DLF Alameda Floors. You can also check the photos of the residential properties that are available on the website.

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DLF Alameda is offering independent floors in various price ranges which is suitable for home buyers they can easily pick the perfect one without any problem. DLF Alameda Floors is well connected to the different areas of Gurgaon which provides the best community residence for the home buyers.

DLF Alameda also offers one of the best security features in their residence so that they can ensure the safety of the residence people and their belongings without any problem. The whole of society comes under CCTV surveillance which helps to keep outsiders away from society. Overall DLF Alameda Floors is one of the best places to invest for your home investment.

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DLF Alameda Floors PRICE LIST & AREA

Plot Size Saleable Area Price Booking Amount Inventory
693 SQYD 4671 SQFT ₹4.89 - 5.36 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
612 SQYD 4136 SQFT ₹4.17 - 4.58 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
558 SQYD 3790 SQFT ₹3.96 - 4.34 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
549 SQYD 3782 SQFT ₹3.86 - 4.24 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
547 SQYD 3770 SQFT ₹3.85 - 4.22 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
538 SQYD 3734 SQFT ₹3.86 - 4.46 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
468 SQYD 3326 SQFT ₹3.83 - 4.32 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
462 SQYD 3734 SQFT ₹3.70 - 4.02 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
306 SQYD 2201 SQFT ₹2.73 - 2.94 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
302 SQYD 2366 SQFT ₹2.49 - 2.73 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote
252 SQYD 2122 SQFT ₹2.50 - 2.60 Cr ₹10 Lac Get Quote

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