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Why the DLF Floors Phase 1

will be a better choice for you?

Want to live in a luxury home but don’t know where to find one? Well, don’t worry we got you because we are here to provide some useful insights into one of the most famous and magnificent houses in the DLF Floors Phase 1. These floors might be expensive but after viewing the offered services it is concluded that the high price was worth it. All the amenities given on the floors are everything that you could ask for. Shifting to a new city sounds scary, you do not even know anyone and have no idea about the proper housing facilities. For some time, you can manage in a PG or a rented apartment but this will not work in the long run. Why? Because it will give you more burden than relax.

For instance, if you decide to stay in PG, you will have to eat the food they have cooked whether you like it or not. Also, paying high rents for just a single room that you had to live in with sharing. It gives you a little to no privacy. And there is a curfew also by which you have to be in your room. Hence, all of these things will give you more headaches than the relaxation you need after coming back from work. So, if you are looking for a place that will be your home read out this article.


DLF City Phase 1 Gurgaon Key Highlights

What qualities do you look for when you search for a home? A good neighborhood, hospitality, and many other things right? And the best solution to all of these things you are looking for is in the spacious and luxurious DLF Floors Phase 1. You do not believe us? Have a look at the following presented points to get to know more:

  • Pristine Neighborhood
    The word Pristine in simpler words means not corrupted, or not polluted. Thus, just like the name suggests, you will have a calm and pristine neighborhood in the DLF Floors Phase 1 that will be proven to be effective for your mental health if you like to stay quiet.
  • Nearby Places to Visit
    The cyber city and cyber hub are just a few km away. To chill with friends, the cyber hub is the main hotspot as it is one of the main attraction points as a place to hang out, in the evening after working with colleagues or with family.
  • Infrastructure
    The exterior of the Phase 1 Gurgaon floors was designed in such a manner that it will give all the sophisticated vibes. The interior of the floor is also magnificent and you will be at a loss for words when you will visit the floor.
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Amenities you don't want to miss out on

Pricing list of the DLF Floors Phase 1

This is the most important piece of information that you must be looking for if you are purchasing the floor for yourself. The price of the floors varies on the size of the desired floor. Below is the detailed price quotation:

  • The range of Independent Floors at DLF City Phase 1 whose size is approximately 1,347 sq. feet ranges from 4.4 Cr onwards. It is a 4BHK apartment.
  • The next one is a 3BHK apartment also situated in Phase 1, its total size is 2,250 sq. feet, and its price starts from 2.35 Cr. Even though it has a larger area than the 4BHK apartment it is still a 3BHK, hence less amount of raw material was spent on it.
  • Now the next apartment is also a 4BHK having the same sq. feet area as the first one but the range of this starts from 4.49 Cr.

Facilities offered

Moving on with the article, let us take a look at the list of exclusive opportunities given to the residents of DLF 1 Gurgaon. Before we begin you must know that these services are also offered to the people who purchase their home in the DLF phase 3. And now we will begin to take a look at the exclusive opportunities:

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Swimming Pool

Brush up your skills when you are bored, organize a pool party for friends if you want to, or just relax in the pool on a holiday.

Fancy Restaurants

Sometimes you don’t want to eat home home-cooked meal, so you can enjoy and have dinner at one of the restaurants present here. Eating in one of the prestigious restaurants can also help you take your mind off the stress.


Most of the time if you do not wish to dress fancy for going out and having dinner, then you can visit the cafeteria area provided for the residents of DLF Floors Phase 1.

Terrace Garden

The terrace of the floors is designed as a lush garden that will make you feel calm if you decide to spend some time on the terrace. Also if you are into yoga or meditation then it will surely provide you a perfect environment to work on.

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Is this DLF Phase 1 Secure?

It is understandable that if you are living in a sophisticated and classy locality, you will be worried about the safety and security of your family and the other valuable essentials in your home. Even if you are not living on all these DLF floors, but at some other place, security is the main concern for everyone. To avoid any random strangers coming up to your home, the security will ask you whether you want the person to step foot into your house or not.

If a person can pass the threshold even after being told no, you will still have the opportunity to open the gate for the person if the person is unrecognized by the Video Door Security. Usually, a peephole might be used in a situation like this but most of the time by using the peephole you might not be able to view the face of the person properly. So, Video Door Security will give you a chance to view the face of the person. And if the person is unknown then you can simply just don’t open the gate or ask him about his identity using the mic given right beside the camera machine. Also, the entrance lobby of DLF Floors Phase 1 is highly secured as it is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras, and the parking lot is also covered in CCTVs. The guards have the rotational shifts to keep a close eye on the surroundings and it is their responsibility to report any suspicious activity.

Bottom Line!

There are many other floors available other than the DLF Floors Phase 1 that allow people to opt for the best place to live. You should only make this decision after you have visited the site with your family or with the person you will live with. So, that you can get to know the preferences of each other.

It would help you in the house selection procedure. However, there is doubt that you will surely like the DLF Floors Phase 1 apartments because of their classy interior and extravagant surroundings that will not give you a chance to complain.

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Phase Plot Area Type Price Status
Phase 1 450 SQYD 4 BHK+SQ+ST Get Quote Available
Phase 1 400 SQYD 4 BHK+SQ+ST Get Quote Available

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