What amenities does Dlf Arbour 2 Sector 77 offer?

A low-rise density apartment with all the marvelous amenities, giving an extraordinary look to the apartments of the potential residents. As a home looker, you must know the features each one of DLF Arbour 2 sector 77 has offered to you. As a home seeker if this blog, grabs your attention, then you must look for further information through this blog below. Grab your cup of tea and begin your journey towards your precious dream house.

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Facilities of DLF Arbour

Here we have the most awaited list of facilities one can avail of if they decide to go with these apartments. People who do not know what to expect in the form of facilities from DLF Arbour 2 Sector 77 should continue to read this section of the blog for the details:

The Camellias Gurgaon is one the first in India that got the LEED platinum certificate from the US Green Building Council which makes it more suitable for home investment. The height of the tallest tower in Dlf camellias Gurgaon is 156 meters. If you are looking for detailed information about Dlf camellias floor plan you can simply download their brochure where you will get everything in detail. To download the brochure you need to visit the official website of the DLF Homes.

  • • Reserved Parking for Residents
    All the residents will get a fixed parking spot in the apartments to avoid the constant feuds between the families for the parking area. It helps to maintain the peace among the residents.
  • • Exquisite Interior
    You can expect the best interior from the DLF New Launch project, as they pay close attention to the house interior to meet the expectations of the family. Once you set your eyes on its piece of work, you will want to purchase one of the apartments for yourself.
  • • Tight Security
    Security is a major concern for the people present in the real estate industry. Therefore, DLF security measures are top-notch to make you feel comfortable in your own home. Constant guarding through CCTV makes it difficult for any trespasser to trespass the area.

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Launch of DLF Arbour 2

According to our trusted and authentic resources, we are here to tell you that, the launch of DLF Arbour 2 Sector 77 is near enough for you to start up with the preparations. Collect your funds, take a loan, and do research on the neighboring area and the given amenities to its potential residents. Also, consider any other project of DLF if the price range of this flat. These floors can be a bit more expensive than usual because of surrounding facilities, interiors, etc. However, the offered facilities and amenities of the floors are almost the same as each other. There could be minor differences if you research more closely. Other than that you are good to use any residency project which appeals to you the most from all the DLF residencies.

What is the DLF Arbour 2 sector 77 price?

The price differs from property to property depending upon their sq ft area and the locality. These DLF Arbour 2 sector 77 covers a total area of 3900 sq ft. of apartment and the price range begins from Rs 3.99 Cr. People who have a good budget should not have a problem with the price range of these apartments. For more precise information, visit the official website for details.

Concluding Up!

After the blog above we only wish that your read here was useful and gave you the information you need to know about these floors of DLF Arbour 2 Sector 77. Since there is not much information about this residential project we hope that the ones given here helped you. Also, if you need a brochure then its official website has it. The official website also has the mobile number of customer support agent for you to contact them.


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