dlf city floors

DLF City Floors – Unmasking The Details of its New Residency

The DLF Garden City borders the uncut natural beauty of the environment but is still near the main road for better connectivity with the main city. These floors are separate from the hustle and bustle of the city, creating some rather peaceful surroundings for its residents. The flats are quite spacious here, a perfect choice for a big family or space lovers. It’s a large sq. ft. is one of the attention-seeking points of these flats. Gardens give a sense of serenity and calmness that is very effective for peace lovers.

So, if you are looking for a place covered with lush gardens and trees then stay on this page. As a real estate blogger, this blog will provide all the necessary information on DLF City Floors.

dlf city floors

Unveiling DLF Garden City

DLF has always been popular for its marvelous creations, all the launched projects of DLF are quite popular in the eyes of home seekers and big investors. Since this project is different than its other residency projects, it’s getting more hyped up. It was so hyped that even before the project launch, some of the flats were already booked. DLF Garden City floors are in Sectors 91 and 93 of Gurgaon district. Let’s take a deeper look into the things offered in this DLF City Floors:

– Floor Architect

These are the low-rise apartments that are a perfect mix of elegance and timeless contemporary beauty.

– Location

DLF Garden City Gurgaon is in sectors 91 and 93 with connectivity to the SPR, KMP, and NPR motorway roads. Enjoy regular early morning or late evening walks within the acres of this floor surrounded by green gardens.

– Top Security

Privacy and security are the first that every family seeks, and by understanding this concern of the people DLF gives world-class security to the residents. The CCTV Camera of the entrance lobby records the entry and exit of every person. Also, another set of CCTV cameras monitors the parking lot by the on-duty security guard. Any suspicious activity is immediately reported to the officials for further action.

Transportation Facility

This blog segment will mention all the key distances of DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon to make you aware of all the available transport routes that you can use while planning to visit a site, or while planning a visit to another place:

– 19 Km away from Cyber City hub.
– Multi Utility Corridor is only 500 mts.
– National Highway 8 is within 4 Km.
– The International Airport is also not far away its total distance is only 24 km.
– Distance of Dwarka Expressway (NPR) is 2 km.
– Nearby Metro station is 2 Km away.
– The rest of the transportation facility you can figure out by visiting the plat once.

Other Key Highlights

Moving further with the blog, we will now discuss the specialties of these DLF City Floors so you can know how different this DLF residency project is. Keep scrolling to learn more about these spectacular key highlights:

– Special Entrance Water Feature

A special semi-shaped pathway for its residents to attract the attention of people towards it. Every access point of the tower has a Pergola too.

– Swimming Pool

The presence of a swimming pool helps people to learn new skills if they do not know how the swim. Also, the people who already know it can use the pool to brush up their skils. But to enjoy these services the residents will have to pay for extra costs to attain the clubhouse membership. This membership is valid for the next 5 years.

Summing it Up!

What more reasons do you want to purchase this exclusive house? Do not miss out on the chance of owning a house of your dreams. This DLF Garden City Sector 93 is suitable for all the environment lovers present out there. Imagine living in a lavish home with your family with a breathtaking nature view from the balcony while sipping on tea or coffee. Sounds like a heavenly combo which is hard to pass. So, go and visit the official DLF website and schedule a visit appointment at your suitable time. You will also get a free cab facility after booking the DLF City Floors visit appointment.

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