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DLF Garden City Brings Royal Lifestyle in the Lap of Nature

Everyone looks for a living experience that brings them close to nature since it ensures good health and mental peace. DLF City Floors gives such an experience to the residents because it has been planned, keeping in mind the requirements of a healthy lifestyle. It’s like a dream come true because DLF Garden City Sector 91 encompasses an array of facilities that everyone dreams of before buying a home. Although, a multitude of housing projects surround you offering enticing deals, don’t compromise with an all-inclusive lifestyle.

Good connectivity, lush green open spaces, low-rise floors, ample parking space, comprehensive basic amenities, and salvaging Mother Earth with a Sewage Treatment Plant, etc. are a few of the features. However, the list continues to cover almost everything a resident can desire for a princely lifestyle while being close to nature, let’s take a look at some awe-inspiring features of DLF Garden City Floors –

dlf garden city

1. Design

The decisive element in buying a home is the plan and design of the town. It matches the thoughts of the new-age generation desiring to enjoy the comforts of a princely state with the house having amenities of a palace. DLF Garden City Gurgaon offers low-rise independent floors, unlike housing societies with hundreds of floors in a high-rise tower.

2. Gated Secured Community

This is a gated secured community, allowing no one to enter without permission. It brings a lot more benefits like a gated secured community keeps traffic in check, kids can play in a safe environment, parents can allow their children to play without supervision, and the security staff members ensure regular upkeep of the place keeping nuisance and other unwanted elements at bay.

3. Luxury Club House

Luxury Club House is what it sounds like with lots of high-end facilities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, multipurpose room, changing room, community hall, library, and gaming zone with a wide array of games.

4. 3-Tier Security

DLF City Floors offers 3-tier security with the latest devices like a multi-apartment bell, MAVDP bell, guard station, a flat bell, monitors inside each apartment, and many other high-end technologies. Residents of the apartment can see and check before allowing anyone to enter into the society, making them highly protected.

5. Landscaped Spaces

Approximately 1000 acres of open space surrounding DLF Garden City Floors brings the residents close to nature with lush green gardens, fresh air, and a large open sky. It’s like a blessing for the people living in cities as watching a sunrise becomes a distant dream. So, it’s a boon for people who desire to build an athletic physique.

6. Kids Play Area

Kids need all-rounded development in their initial phase of growth. So, this is the right choice because it supports children’s development at all levels. In today’s environment, when parents lead a busy life, Kids’ play area in DLF City Floors gives some moments of joy and pleasure, fostering children’s cognitive and emotional development.

7. Jogging Tracks

Jogging Tracks in DLF garden city floors lets you steal some time for your physical health besides working tediously all day long. The finely paved tracks with trees running in the sides would even tempt non-runners to come to the track and breathe some fresh air while ensuring good health.

8. Professional Maintenance

Professional Maintenance ensures a hassle-free lifestyle to let you focus on your family and work only. It comprehensively supports today’s busy lifestyle when you come home from work and again there is a task of plumbing work getting done or the lift is not working. It all steals your family time, and therefore DLF City Floors ensures a smooth and relaxing life.

9. One-hundred Percent Power back-Up

One-hundred Percent Power Back-Up in DLF Garden City means no power cut and such a place looks like a heaven because it completely wipes out the worries of melted ice-creams in the freezer before a party or half-baked cakes in the oven.

10. Connectivity

Connectivity is another key factor to consider before buying a home. When it comes to DLF Garden City Floors, it lives up to your expectations because it is well-connected with KMP Expressway and Dwarka-Manesar Expressway. It is just a 20-minute drive away from Indira Gandhi International Airport, it’s also close to the proposed metro station.


So, consider all the factors before buying a home. A home becomes home when it ensures comfort, well-rounded development of children, and provides suitable space to elders. DLF City Floors is the right combination of all these factors. You must visit DLF Garden City Sector 91 to make your eyes believe that your dream home exists.

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