Why ultra-rich are investing in DLF apartments more than ever

Have you heard the term “FOMO” which means Fear Of Missing Out? Well, this is what the super-rich people in Gurgaon are experiencing these days and this is what is making them buy luxury apartments. Well, we are not saying this just like that. If we check the record of January, a piece of news surfaces on the web where the facts have been presented regarding the sale of apartments worth Rs. 7,200 crore. Can you believe???

DLF Privana

You have to believe this because this is a transparent truth. The flats that were sold for this much amount were from a project developed by DLF known as DLF Privana South in Gurgram. And, you’ll be surprised to know that, another such project by DLF is on its way. Yes, we are talking about DLF Privana West. This is one of the recent developments by DLF located in Sector 76 and Sector 77 of Gurgaon.

This exclusive haven will comprise lavish 4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments and houses a huge collection of amenities. Now, if you are wondering what led to the sale of these luxury apartments in 72 hours, then check out the list of reasons below and learn why people belonging to the “Super-rich” category are investing in these luxury apartments more than ever.

Turns out to be a safer asset

It is reported that individuals with high net worth and ultra-high-net-worth have already started to invest in luxury apartments since 2022. Upon research carried out on these individuals, the reason why they invested in luxury apartments is because they think the real estate market will soar higher and higher in the years to come. And yes, we can witness this in the current scenario as well. Not only in Gurugram but this trend is being followed in major cities of the country.

Limited availability

As you can witness around you, earlier these ultra-rich individuals used to invest in Bungalows, but now due to the trend of investing in luxury apartments, the bungalows are available in limited numbers. Hence, we can say that soon this may happen with luxury apartments as well which means an increase in their value over time. Though DLF Privana West consists of several units, in the coming times, finding an apartment in this price range could be challenging.

Increase in aspiring individuals in India

Well, it was also recorded that not only ultra-rich but people belonging to the upper middle class are also investing in such properties, be it DLF Privana South or DLF Privana West. This is because the speed of wealth creation is increasing over time and more individuals are already on their way to be a part of the rich category in India.

The thought of joining the rich category is something that is resulting in more and more people investing in luxury apartments. So, if you want to flaunt your money, investing in a luxury apartment could never go wrong.

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