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Why Independent Floors in DLF Garden City Gaining Traction?

DLF Group brings independent floors in DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon with many other splendid facilities and specifications. Since its launch, it has garnered a lot of traction because DLF brought a low-rise independent floors understanding of the desires of the new generation.

Although, real-estate developers have been building independent floors for a long, but now home buyers prefer it over apartments or flats. During the pandemic, people spent all their time in the home, moreover, they worked from home. Spending so much time in their homes gave them a clear idea of an ideal home. Now, the millennials want to realize this reality and DLF Garden City Floors seems to be a picture-perfect home for them.

dlf garden city

Reasons for The Rising Traction of Independent Floors in DLF Garden City

More Peace and Privacy

Independent floors ensure more privacy for the residents. They get more space making them separated from other’s lives. You get complete peace and privacy to do what you want without letting others come to know. Also, you don’t find chaos when you step out of your home.

In flats or apartments, neighbors get a chance to sneak peek into your abode making you feel a little uncomfortable sometimes. You can’t keep the doors open to let fresh air in or feel the breeze of the first rainfall. Because as soon as you open the door, your personal life becomes public. However, this is not the case with independent floors.

Higher Resale Value

The resale value of DLF Garden City Floors is higher than apartments and flats because everyone prefers to have a luxurious lifestyle. The buyers get to live an improved lifestyle because they get privacy, luxurious amenities along with safety and security.  It’s easy to make the buyer understand the salient features of your independent floor because you have innumerable reasons to make them count.

Low Monthly Maintenance Charges

The maintenance charges of low-rise independent floors are lesser than the societies in high-rise buildings. The charges are high because of the large size of the building and the number of people living in the society. DLF Garden City Gurgaon has a low-rise structure with independent floors making it a thinly populated society while cutting the cost of maintenance.

In many places, buyers get ready to pay higher prices at once to lower the monthly maintenance charges because it seems expensive when you have to pay a hefty amount for a lifetime. Also, these hefty charges are one of the biggest reasons for the better resale value of such kind of property. DLF City Floors enjoys one more way to save money by being energy efficient. They have solar water heaters installed to save electricity and keep bills in check.

Shorter Possession Time

A shorter building means shorter possession time. You don’t fall victim to the situation where you are paying rent and installments simultaneously because you bought a flat on the 14th floor and it will take an additional year to complete. You also spend money on visiting the site and checking the construction status regularly.

Low Pollution Levels

A thinly populated place at DLF Garden City ensures less consumption of fuel keeping the pollution levels low in the surroundings. Your children get to breathe in clean air preventing them from many pollution-borne diseases. A lot of children suffer from allergies to pollution keeping them sick frequently and halting their growth. A child needs a healthy environment to grow and develop well.

DLF Garden City Gurgaon has numerous tempting features and specifications making people buy a home. There are only 40 towers each having 4 floors. A wide open space surrounding the township promises a pollution-free environment for elders and children. The landscaped garden and jogging track add to the beauty of the society.

To Sum Up

DLF Group always keeps a step ahead because it understands the requirements and desires of working professionals and millennials inside out. They make their towns supporting the expected lifestyle of people. The real estate developer has planned DLF Garden City Gurgaon in such a way that you can enjoy a modern and chaos-free lifestyle while being close to nature and taking the best care of your health.

Make sure to keep all the points in mind if you were planning to go with an apartment or flat. Above all, you must remember the trust of top real estate developer and the ease of selling the property whenever you like. If you are an investor or a homebuyer, you must visit DLF Garden City site to check all the facts before taking the final decision.

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