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Benefits of Purchasing Home Insurance in DLF Garden City

Home insurance is one of the most neglected insurance in India. Research reveals that India has only 1% to 3% penetration for home insurance as compared to the 90% penetration of other developed countries. The government has not made it compulsory like vehicle insurance, people don’t consider it necessary.  If you are buying a home in projects like DLF City Floors, DLF Garden City Gurgaon, DLF City Floors Phase 1, DLF Luxury Floors in Phase 2, and DLF Floors Phase 3 you can pick a home insurance that suits your needs the best.

However, all these projects are well protected from any kind of damage or theft, but you must be double sure when it comes to the safety of your family. Life is never predictable and home insurance helps you to show your high resilience power by supporting you financially in times of adversity.

Buying a home is a long-standing dream for many people and becoming a homeowner fills your heart with pride. Moreover, if you have a home in projects like DLF Floors Phase 1, DLF Independent Floors Phase 2, or DLF Phase 3 Independent Floors insuring your home with any of the home insurance will make your life peaceful. Because you want to keep the aesthetics of the structure and the astounding interiors remain intact for years and years. God forbid, but still, if something happens, there is no additional burden on your pocket.

Advantages of buying home insurance for DLF Garden City Floors, or DLF City Floors any such project –

dlf garden city

Protection from Natural Calamities

If you buy a standard loan, your home is protected against natural calamities like floods, lightning, fire, forest fires, bushfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, storms, rockslides, and landslides.

Protection from Man-Made Disasters

Most importantly, you can protect your home against man-made disasters like explosions or implosions, and anti-social activities like strikes, and riots. You can also get cover if your home gets damaged by coming in direct contact with the rail, or road vehicles or the intentional damage caused to the property with ill intent.

Although all the projects of DLF like DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon, DLF Floors Phase 1, DLF Independent Floors Phase 2, and DLF Phase 3 Independent Floors do not have any threat of earthquakes because they are earthquake resistant. Also, they are safe from hurricanes or storms because the builder always uses good quality construction materials to make the building sturdy.

Protect Your Valuables

Not only the building structure, home insurance also helps you to protect your valuable belongings like furniture, costly electronic appliances, jewelry, or valuable documents. You can protect all these against burglary, theft, fire, or any other kind of damage.

Third-Party Protection

You can also protect the belongings of your guests against any kind of damage. Keeping your guests away from any form of loss makes you the most responsible host.

Become An Aware Landlord

You are not an aware landlord if you are bearing the damages that your tenant has done to your home from your pocket. Moreover, if your home remains vacant for a month or two, you will have to bear this huge loss from your own pocket. For instance, if you have a home in DLF Gardencity Sector 93, and suddenly your tenant vacates it without any prior information, the rent for these months will be a loss for you. But, if you have insurance, you can cover this loss from the insurance company.

Living Cost

Insurance companies also cover the cost of living till the time you are rebuilding your home or it is under renovation. Because living at some other place is an additional expenditure on your pocket if your house is damaged due to any reason. You may get the cost of rebuilding it but if you don’t have this insurance, you will have to bear the cost of living from your pocket.


DLF is one of the most reputed builders in India and its buildings are sturdy enough to cope with many natural calamities. Moreover, the buildings are earthquake-resistant to prevent the residents from natural calamities as much as possible. DLF Garden City Independent Floors are low-rise independent floors and the developer has constructed the project with high-quality construction materials using state-of-the-art technology. Choosing a suitable home insurance will ensure peace and certainty in life.

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