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Home Insurance Choices for DLF Garden City First-Time Buyers

Buying a home in DLF City Floors fills your life with an abundance of luxury and peace but, purchasing Home Insurance will fill the core of your life with peace because it keeps you away from the fears of mishappening. You are not alone when your sweet home suffers from any kind of loss with Home Insurance. DLF Garden City Gurgaon and DLF City Floors Phase 1 already have a wide range of features to make your life safe and secure. Although, they are earthquake-resistant life is unpredictable and misfortune can appear in any form. If you cannot completely protect yourself from adversity, you are at least prepared to be resilient and bounce back within no time.

DLF Floors Phase 3 and DLF Luxury Floors in Phase 2 offer an abundance of amenities and the most coveted lifestyle. That is why it becomes a highly valuable asset entitled to home insurance to keep its beauty and integrity intact. DLF Garden City Floors are low-rise independent floors offering a lot of freedom to organize, furnish, and decorate according to your wishes. Independent floors are available at many prominent locations in Gurgaon like DLF Floors Phase 1, DLF Independent Floors Phase 2, and DLF Phase 3 Independent Floors, you should look for the appropriate home insurance.

Various types of home insurance are available for different needs and choices. You should choose the best insurance for your home. So, that in case of any adversity, you are not completely in loss. There is someone who is listening to your problems and offering you a helping hand to make your life as it was. Let’s have a look at the types of home insurance policies if you are buying a home in Gurgaon like DLF Garden City Independent Floors.

dlf garden city

Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy

This policy covers the incidents of fire and other special perils which are clearly mentioned in the insurance policy. This is a standard policy as it covers only the mentioned perils but does not cover every adversity. It covers the perils like –

  1. Natural calamities such as lightning, fire, bushfires, forest fires, volcanic eruptions (not common in India), earthquakes, storms, and floods.
  2. Man-Made Disasters like damages caused due to explosions or implosions, anti-social activities like strikes, riots, and damage caused with ill intent.
  3. Damage to the property caused by the direct contact of rail/road, vehicle.
  4. Damage caused due to overflow of water pipes, tanks, leaks in sprinkler systems, or other similar apparatus.
  5. Damage to the property due to rockslides, landslides, and missile test operations.

However, the independent floors in DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon are not prone to most of the dangers, still you can consider any of the insurance.

Home Structure/Building Insurance

This insurance protects your home from any kind of damage. As the name suggests, it insures the building or the structure of the house. The permanent structures like the fittings in the bathroom and kitchen, roofs, and other outdoor structures like garages or sheds.

Public Liability Coverage

This kind of home insurance covers the third party or any guest in the insured home. If any adversity damages the valuable belongings of your guest inside an insured home, they are covered against that also. Buying this kind of insurance for DLF Gardencity Sector 93 will enhance your dignity as you can pay back the damage to your guests.

Burglary & Theft

This type of home insurance protects you against any burglary or theft in your home. If you keep valuable items in your home like jewelry or other antique items. You can be double sure of the loss because DLF Garden City Independent Floors are completely safe, but still, if any case of burglary or theft happens, the insurance covers you against it.

Contents Insurance

This type of home insurance covers the contents of your home. The contents in your home are equally valuable be it furniture, refrigerator, TV, or washing machine. This insurance also helps you when you change the interiors of your home after a flood or fire.

Landlords’ Insurance

If you have invested in property in locations like DLF Floors Phase 1, DLF Independent Floors Phase 2, and DLF Phase 3 Independent Floors, you must go with this type of home insurance because it is exclusively created for the needs of landlords. It covers the building structure of your home and it also covers against the loss of the rent.


If you’re a new home buyer, you must learn about all insurance types so that you can buy the best one for your needs. Buying home insurance helps you double ensure about future adversities and the cover does not let you stop for a moment; it gives you the thrust to bounce back and bring your life back again on track.

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