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Adapting Real Estate Market Trends in DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon

Gurgaon is witnessing an unprecedented change in real estate market trends with a significant boom in the market. The drop in the supply amplifies the consequences of growing demand which is historic in itself. The properties in Gurgaon recorded an impressive quarter-on-quarter growth of 28.9% in demand for properties which is far more than the national average of 10.4%. Housing properties in affluent areas like Phase 1 Gurgaon, DLF Phase 3, and DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon are witnessing higher demand because it is a part of the bustling metropolis in Delhi/NCR. The fast-paced commercial development in DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon brought a multitude of global and homegrown companies and along with this, the boom in the IT industry has driven the demand for housing properties.

The job opportunities for the upper-class and middle-class sections have increased. This has amplified the demand for housing properties. Luxury properties like independent floors and independent houses experience more demand fueling the value appreciation of the property. Many developers in areas like DLF Floors Phase 1, and DLF Phase 2 are coming up with various projects having ultra-modern amenities to offer seamless experience to homebuyers. Let’s check the change in trends the real estate industry is witnessing and the developers are striving hard to offer an unmatched state of the art experience to the customers.

dlf phase 2

Well Grounded Living

The developers are shifting their planning approaches towards well-grounded living because of the rising demands due to changes in the environment. To tackle pollution as the biggest menace, the developers are offering town planning with more verdant spaces. DLF brought DLF Garden City Floors with 100 acres of government-approved green belt on the adjoining sides to offer their buyers a pollution-free environment.

They are also planning low-rise independent floors to keep the population density in check as well as offering greener space with wider landscaped gardens and a jogging track. The buildings are designed with terrace gardens to ensure cleaner air for the residents. Homebuyers prefer sustainable living and therefore, they are investing more in opulent projects like DLF City Floors.

Energy-efficient System

Developers are installing more and more energy-efficient systems like water treatment plants, rainwater harvesting, and solar power.  They are also using energy-efficient electrical equipment in homes. To avoid the harmful effects of climate change, buyers and investors are choosing developers who are paying heed to such things. Many of the projects in DLF Phase 3, and DLF City Phase 1 Gurgaon have energy-efficient systems to entice more buyers.

Smart Homes

To walk with ongoing trends, many developers are offering smart homes. Smart homes are smarter ways to regulate and save energy. It also offers robust security systems because the need of the hour is to manage devices in homes from outside when both the husband and wife are working in nuclear families. The video call doorbell keeps children safe at home when parents are away. Some developers are going far with IoT (Internet of Things) to offer exclusive experiences to the residents. DLF Garden City Gurgaon has all the facilities to make your home a smart home.


Along with the concept of co-working, co-living is also gaining traction where two like-minded people live in a fully-furnished home without compromising any of the facets of comfort. Because of the booming economy, homeowners get significant rent in areas like DLF City Phase 3, DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon, and DLF City Phase 1 Gurgaon through the concept of co-living. This trend is increasing the interest of investors in such projects as DLF Garden City Sector 93.

Community and Lifestyle Amenities

With the rise in lifestyle problems, people prefer places with high-end communities and lifestyle amenities. DLF Garden City has a clubhouse with ultra-modern facilities. It also has many sports facilities such as a cricket area, half basketball court, gym, swimming pool, and squash court. The amenities also include recreational activities to keep physical and mental health problems at bay.


This way the changing trends are encouraging people to buy independent floors or independent houses in the localities like Phase 1 Gurgaon, DLF Phase 3, and DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon with such amenities. People are shifting towards modern facilities; the top developers are offering to live a life with an upscale lifestyle.

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