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Why DLF is Focusing More On Low-Rise Independent Floors?

DLF understands the requirements of people better than any other developer. The lifestyle of the new generation is completely different from the previous ones. While earlier people loved to spend time in groups, now the millennials do not want to compromise their privacy with independent floors. DLF Garden City is an example of such an idea to offer the buyers exactly what they wanted.

Visiting projects like DLF Garden City Floors and DLF City Floors, the buyers would feel that the builder read their minds and planned exactly what they desired.  Coming to lifestyle problems like physical and mental health issues, reversing everything to relive that enchanted life again is not possible. But, DLF brought the solutions with DLF Garden City Gurgaon without forcing you to live an era-old lifestyle in today’s scenario.

The low-rise independent floors with all the expected facilities and amenities is a perfect solution. To ensure that the perfect living is available to the majority of the people, DLF is focusing on independent floors by bringing such projects in Phase 1 Gurgaon, DLF Phase 3, and DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon. Let’s see why the idea of building independent floors is a great success.

independent floors


Privacy is one of the biggest things desired by the millennials. They don’t want to share their space with anyone. In flats and apartments, people have to share their entrance, but with independent floors everything is private. Also, they get more space to use because, they can use the extra space at the entrance to keep some decorative items, indoor plants, or a beautiful shoe rack.

Their entrance enhances the grandeur of their home. As soon as you reach the entrance of the home, the ambiance of the entrance will fill your heart with pride in owning such a beautiful home. The architecture of DLF Floors Phase 1 adds to the beauty of the entrance of the house.

Low Density

The low-rise floors have only four floors translating into only one family living on each floor, keeping the density of the enclave low. So, low density means more space at the gym, sports club, swimming pool, and other recreational activities. All these facilities are available everywhere but enjoying them becomes a big deal sometimes.

Low density also ensures less pollution and safety in the surroundings. Maintaining good discipline is easy with fewer people but when there is a large number of residents, sometimes chaos is created. Low-rise floors also ensure that the guards can take safety measures in a better way. DLF City Phase 1 Gurgaon has many such projects of low-rise independent floors.

Separate Supply of Water

The independent floors in DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon or DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon have separate water supply, so you have the complete hold of storing and using water. When many families share a water supply, water runs out from taps anytime and then it’s another hassle to get the tank filled immediately to finish what you started.

Most of the projects like DLF Garden City Sector 93 or DLF City Floors have the facility of 100% power backup which makes sure that you can stick to your schedule without any interruption. Moreover, living in an independent house is also a hassle as you have to manage and operate power generators, but the residential complexes in DLF Phase 2 or DLF Phase 3 get you rid of such hassles.

More Profitable

The residential projects in DLF City Phase 3 or Phase 1 Gurgaon are more profitable because of good resale value. They are the best when it comes to selling because they come with a wide range of benefits when compared to flats and apartments. Also, if you bought it for investment purposes or you had to move to another city after buying it, you can get decent rent every month. This way, buying a home in DLF Garden City Floors or in DLF Phase 3 is a profitable deal in any case.


DLF is selling independent floors like a hot cake because they are the picture-perfect abode for today’s generation. DLF Garden City has all the required and desired facilities and it stays a step ahead because of its location beside a wide open space. So, do visit a low-rise independent floor if you are looking to buy a house for settling in or investment purposes and then take the decision. Since you must not miss a chance to buy the most integrated and profitable option.

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