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3 Features Make DLF Garden City an Ideal

A house becomes a home when the walls cheer with the laughter of family members. Everyone wants their family members to be healthy and happy and it requires a complete system working in tandem. You look for such a place which is perfect for everyone and felicitous for every stage of life. DLF Garden City lives up to all the expectations and become an ideal place to settle down.

It’s a perfect place if you are just starting your family because it will never let you down pertaining to the needs of the growing children and the anticipations of elders in your family. Let’s read it down to understand how an ideal residential place supports your dreams and shapes your future –

Unmatched Design & Planning

The real–estate giant has planned the city to be thinly populated and offers independent floors to let you avail the luxury in your home. DLF Garden City Floors has low-rise towers with spacious designs. You get about 1,000 acres of open space around the complete township to ensure a pollution-free environment for your kids.

dlf garden city

All Required and Desired Amenities

Amenities make a place habitable and if they are ample are uninterrupted, residents can enjoy a blissful life. DLF City Floors has all the provisions to ensure a life that surpasses your expectations. Here is a list of amenities with details –

  • Parking

You get parking on the ground floor where every floor gets two dedicated covered parking for four-wheelers. Now, two of the family members in your family can maintain a personal car without any compromise or problem.

  • Water

You get an uninterrupted water supply in DLF Garden City Gurgaon. The water harvesting system and a water treatment plant ensure that there should be no problem with the water supply in any case. The treated water is used for cleaning, washing, and horticulture. This way you can also contribute to helping nature to heal.

  • Safety

DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon has a well-installed fire safety system with fire extinguishers, fire detectors, smoke detectors, and automated sprinklers. There are high-quality circuit breakers to make it trip down immediately in case of any short circuit. It also keeps your children safe from electric shock. Most importantly, you are safe from earthquakes because the buildings are earthquake-resistant.

  • Security

The residents of DLF Garden City Floors get a 3-tier security system making your children play in the safe zone and ensuring that no burglars or unwanted elements can enter the township.

  • Power

DLF Garden City Floors has a facility of 100 percent power backup means you don’t have to make a schedule according to the availability of electricity. Plan your day the way you want and no need to start early because of the uncertainty of power supply, begin when you like.

Awe-Inspiring Facilities

There is a profuseness of facilities in DLF Garden City Sector 93 because the real-state pioneer tried to offer everything possible. Therefore, the project offers almost everything, a family could ask for.

  • Games & Sports

There is the facility of plenty of indoor and outdoor games along with a cricket area and squash court. You may like any sport or game; you would find yourself lucky to get a chance to try your performance in the game or sport to the fullest.

  • Social Life & Entertainment

DLF Garden City has a banquet hall, multi-cuisine restaurant, bars, cafes, shopping complexes, and even a sun deck to hang out with friends and family.

There is a three-screen multiplex to ensure that you don’t miss any of the blockbuster movies. Along with this, it has a library where you can read a book of your choice and spend some time in peace.

  • Relaxation

You can rejuvenate and recreate yourself with Spa, and Sauna. These are necessary for a healthy life and indirectly they show a positive impact on the graph of your success.


In a nutshell, DLF Garden City Floors offers an ideal home to have well-rounded development of children as well as adults and elderly people can enjoy physically and mentally healthy lifestyles. A home and its surroundings create a small world for you.

So, you must choose wisely and make sure to buy an ideal home. It is also a great project for the investors because property with a plenitude of facilities sells like a hot cake. Do visit, DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon, and DLF Garden City Sector 93 before you lock your decision.

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