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Best Residential Projects By DLF- Dlfcityfloors

Planning a decent future for your loved ones has never been easy.  It is the dream of every family man or woman to enjoy the comfort of living in a  luxurious home and List of best Residential projects by DLF. Everybody is stuck  because for upgrading lifestyle several important decisions are required to be made. Such as the payment plan for the home, loan facilities, locality, amenities offered, and much more. After considering all these factors, you can finally select your dream home. Hence, selecting a residential property as per the preferences is a big task. But as an experienced real-estate blogger, we are here to guide you to find your dream house. So, fill up your cup with tea or coffee and get ready for the ride.

In this write-up, we will explain the amenities offered by the residential projects by DLF . The DLF Group of Companies is a big name in the real estate industry so we have selected some of its popular dlfcityfloors projects that might fit into your selection criteria.

Dlf Residential

Phase 2 DLF Floors

The first property on the list is the floors of DLF Cyber City Phase 2 . Wake up every day and get ready to take a peaceful early morning walk to start your day with calmness. Several parks in the nearby vicinity of the floors can become a temporary way of escaping your chaotic life before and after work. The surrounding infrastructure of the neighborhood is a mixture of modern and untouched natural beauty of dlf city floors. Somehow, it makes the place even more delightful. Plan a friend’s meet-up in your house or adjacent places such as shopping malls, movie theatres, hotels, cafes, and whatnot. Let’s not forget about the actual amenities offered by these dlfcityfloors:

  • 4BHK flats with low rising.
  • Fixed parking spot for every family residing in these residential apartments.
  • The floors are fully air-conditioned, to provide you with the utmost comfort in the summer season.
  • The provided kitchen appliances have modular designs. You will get all the kitchen necessities well-fitted in your apartment. Appliances such as Dishwasher, Microwave, and refrigerator.
  • Services of Elevator.
  • The entrance lobby and parking are fully covered with CCTV cameras that are constantly monitored.

 Phase 1 Gurgaon Floors

You must know that these floors are limited edition, which gives you a great experience to enjoy the early morning bustling of the city with an exceptional morning view from your balcony. The interior of the floors gives you the rich exotic vibes to meet your lavish lifestyle. To allure the homebuyers these dlfcityfloors offer the following amenities:

  • It is near the Cyber City.
  • Total plot coverage area is from 310 sq. ft. to over 505 sq. ft.
  • Easy connectivity with the International Airport.
  • Guarded 24×7 through the CCTV Cameras.
  • The floors are fully furnished.
  • MG Road is its nearby landmark thus its immediate metro station is MG Road metro station.

DLF Garden City Gurgaon Project

Out of all the projects stated it is the most recent and newly launched project of DLF. These floors make you feel connected to nature for all the  environment lovers . Even though these floors are located in the scheduled area that does not mean that there is no other infrastructure nearby. All the necessary amenities are within the range of dlfcityfloors. There are well-established colleges, hospitals, and schools in the area. It also has an amazing balcony view for you. Now let us review all the positive facilities offered:

  • Well-reputed schools and college establishment.
  • Fully equipped gym and top-class medical services in the adjoining neighborhood.
  • Connected to the IMT Manesar and Dwarka Expressway.
  • Commercial hubs for entertainment purposes.

DLF Floors Phase 3

People seeking to maintain their privacy should go with these floors. The floors are right in the middle of the heart of Gurgaon  or Gurugram as you call it. Presently there are no proper independent floors offered by other big real estate builders thus the independent floors market is a little unbranded and unorganized. Following are the reasons for you to purchase one of these dlfcityfloors:

  • Quick and easy transportation to the Airport.
  • The Delhi border is at a short distance.
  • Adjustable payment plans as per the homebuyers.

Wrapping it Up! 

With this closing statement, we just want to say that  dlfcityfloors   is the key to your luxurious lifestyle . No other  communities could compete with DLF Projects. We hope that you soon find the key to your dream house with Residential projects by DLF . Do not forget to visit the site after booking your visit appointment. So, it is recommended to book a visiting appointment and then discuss all the details with the broker of your selected home.

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