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Benefits of Living in Independent DLF Garden City Floors

You may come across the debate between the benefits of buying a flat or an independent floor. Everyone has different views. It is also true that people have preferred flats for a long time. But now, the priorities and lifestyle have changed and therefore, independent floors are more in demand and DLF Garden City Floors is a picture-perfect property in this aspect. There may have been some benefits of buying a flat but with the shift in the choice of people, let’s check the benefits of buying DLF Garden City Floors –

Every member of the family will count different benefits so let’s count some general points first –

  • You can avail more freedom and privacy because it’s only you living on the floor.
  • The maintenance charges are lower because the density is low and the size of the building is small.
  • You get higher resale value because of the multiple benefits to count.
  • The residents get more green space and fresh air.
  • A low-rise tower enables more ventilated houses with ample sunlight.
  • Every floor has a separate electricity and water connection, which reduces the interdependency.
  • Better safety and improved social life because of having like-minded people in the surroundings.
  • It lowers the risk of life because everybody can quickly evacuate in case of emergency like fire or earthquake.
  • The low density leads to a pollution-free, hassle-free, and noise-free environment.
  • DLF Garden City has far more benefits than this.

dlf garden city

Living in an Independent Floor Vs an Independent House

Everyone desires to have an independent house and owning an independent house is good as an asset but it’s not always a good idea to live in it. DLF City Floors has many benefits which you will realize after shifting in it.

  • You don’t have to lock many doors when you leave home, just one lock at the main entrance is enough. So, leaving home is not a hassle.
  • People living in independent floors have no terrace to clean and no garden to mow. They get ample time to do more productive things.
  • Tier-3 security with guards at the main gate of the society and in every tower, you can let your children play outside without any worries.
  • Children get a better chance to socialize because they have friends from their school, neighborhood, and school bus to play with them.
  • Professional maintenance is available at a call, otherwise calling a carpenter or electrician and making them do the repair work is a big deal.
  • You get greenery and open space right in front of the tower in DLF Garden City Gurgaon otherwise, you have to walk for minutes to reach the park to get some fresh air.
  • Local vendors keep taking rounds in the street making it unsafe but in DLF Garden City Sector 91 Gurgaon, no one can enter without permission. So, the chances of confronting someone unwanted become zero.

Advantages of Buying a Floor In DLF Garden City

You want a place to live that becomes a paradise overcoming all the shortcomings of residing in a flat or independent house. DLF Garden City Sector 93 offers a wide range of benefits while uplifting your living standard.

Ample Open space

DLF Garden City lies beside the open space. The government has approved approx. 100-acre open space as a green belt. So, the residents here will always wake up with a breeze of pollution-free air.

Recreational Activities

You get to do a lot of recreational activities and some outdoor sports have dedicated space like cricket, basketball, and squash. There is a large swimming pool with a sun deck and a ballroom for social celebrations. Along with this, there is a big library for bookworms to take leisure.


A shopping complex lies inside the boundaries of the township so that you get everything you need just a few steps away. The developer has the vision of well-crafted town planning everywhere which you can see in DLF Phase 2 Gurgaon and DLF Phase 3.


DLF Garden City greatly connects with almost all major locations. It lies in the proximity of Dwarka Expressway, KMP, and Delhi-Jaipur Expressway.


Residing in an independent floor like in Phase 1 Gurgaon or DLF Garden City Floors has a lot more benefits than settling in a flat. An independent house is a great asset but scores less on the livability score because of a lot of hassles of maintenance and lack of security. You must visit one of the sites to change your mind if you had some other opinion.

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